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YAY! is run by two sisters, who are passionate about amazing food , passionate about ethical business, and passionate about veganism. The name YAY! was born when we tapped into how we wanted people to feel about our food, and how we wanted to feel while running the business. 

YAY! for amazing vegan food!
YAY! for sustainable business practices!
And YAY! for delicious vegan options that make it easier for people to lead an ethical plant-based life.


6 products found in YAY! Foods (Chiller / Freezer)

Big Fancy Sausage Roll 150g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
Creamy Mushroom Pie 150g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
Peppersteak Pie 150g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
Spinach & Feta Triangle 2pk 170g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 8)
  • $9.78
Spaghetti Bolognese & Bechamel Pie 200g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
Yay! Plant-Based Feta with Rosemary & Garlic 320g (6)
  • $13.00