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We’re not just your average plant-based food company. We’re on a mission to revolutionise your taste buds and satisfy your cravings like never before with a delicious range of mushroom-based products.

And so we invite you to step into our world where flavour, sustainability, and innovation collide.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, flexitarian, a food adventurer, or a full-fledged fungi fanatic, it’s time to elevate your eating experience.


6 products found in IKU Mushroom Products (GF) (Freezer / Chiller)

IKU (GF) Mushroom Burger Patties 2pk (9)
  • $8.00
IKU (GF) Mushroom Balls 300g (6)
  • $10.75
IKU (GF) Mushroom Mince 350g (6)
  • $10.75
(FS) IKU (GF) Mushroom Balls 1kg (3)
  • $31.55
(FS) IKU (GF) Mushroom Mince 1kg (3)
  • $24.80
(FS) IKU (GF) Mushroom Burger Patties 40pk
  • $125.00