Ethical Food Distributors
Wholesale vegan.
Ethical Food Distributors
Wholesale vegan.

100% sustainable. 100% cruelty free. 100% vegan..

A diverse range of vegan foods that are both good for you and the environment.

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Real food. Real taste. Plant-based.

Beyond Meat (GF) (Freezer / Chiller)
Gardein (Chiller / Freezer)
Next! (Chiller / Freezer)
Sophie's Kitchen (Freezer)
YAY! Foods (Chiller / Freezer)
Collection 6
Collection 7
Ulu Hye (Dry)
Alpro (GF) (Dry)
Green Vie Dairy-Free Cheese (GF) (Chiller)
Vego Chocolates (Organic / GF) (Dry)
Nature’s Charm (Dry)

A Whole New World of Flavour

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(FS) Beyond Sausage 50pk - Hot Italian
  • $220.00
Beyond Burger 2pk (8)
  • $10.45
Beyond Meatballs 290g (8)
  • $14.00
Big Fancy Sausage Roll 150g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
Creamy Mushroom Pie 150g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
Peppersteak Pie 150g (Vegan) (GST Inc) (MOQ 12)
  • $6.40
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Real Ingredients.
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