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Taste comes first. The relentless pursuit of taste innovation.

Our mission is as true today as it was 8 years ago, to make plant-based seafood
accessible and delicious to everyone. We believe the better plant-based foods taste,
the more people will choose to prepare healthy meals for themselves, their family
and their community.

The unquestioned leader in plant-based seafood. If you are curious about adding
gourmet plant-based seafood to your plate, try our best selling Crab Cakes, Fish
Fillet and Breaded Shrimp.


3 products found in Sophie's Kitchen (Freezer)

Sophie’s Kitchen Naked Prawns 250g (9)
  • $4.00
Sophie’s Kitchen Lightly Breaded Prawns 250g (9)
  • $5.00
Sophie’s Kitchen Breaded Scallops 250g (9)
  • $5.00