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Eastern-European folk medicine has likely known chaga (Inonotus obliquus) since the 1500s. Recent research confirmed that chaga possesses a strong antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effect.

In folk medicine the blackcurrant (ribens nigrum) is mostly known as an organism resistance booster, it helps to prevent viruses, reduce high cholesterol and alleviate iron deficiency, intestinal inflammation, kidney and urinary tract inflammation. This kind of a wide effect is connected to the rich composition of the blackcurrant.

Rose hips are known to have one of the highest vitamin C contrentrations (300-4000 mg/100 g) (Ercisli S, 2007). The fruits (rose hips) and leaves of the dog rose bush have been well known in folk medicine for almost 2000 years (Heinemann W 1962, Strehlow W and Herzka G 1988). Regarding healing properties, rose hips have been linked to having anti-inflammatory, antioxydant, antimicrobial and anti-arthritis properties. It is also recommended for people with diabetes and for protecting the cardiovascular system. (Mármol I et al 2017).


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Chaga Health Organic Immuno Elixir Chaga & Rosehip 250ml (6)
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Chaga Health Organic Immuno Elixir Shot Chaga & Rosehip 25ml (10)
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Chaga Health Organic Immuno Elixir Chaga & Rosehip 500ml (6)
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